Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Another patterned background for some quilling

This card features another patterned 'background paper' that I have created in Photoshop ready for printing. The elements that I used to create it come from a digital scrapbooking kit called 'Spring Forward' by Lonetta Avelar of Creative Victorian Designs, which was made available to readers of the excellent Papers and Pixels e-zine a couple of years ago.

I particularly liked the base paper that Lonetta had used in her kit, because it is slightly crumpled with a drop shadow alongside it, creating a very convincing illusion of 'real' paper when it is printed! Using Photoshop, I added some of the leaf and floral elements contained in the kit, positioning them in a semi-random way to create my background pattern.

Here's the finished 'paper' that I created:

The card design also utilises one of Lonetta's lacey borders in a complementary colour, which I have positioned 'over' the main background square.

And the quilling? I have tried to create a sprig of variegated leaves by filling up some open teardrop shapes with 'beehive' twists in two different shades of green. Then, for some reason, I decided to embellish the leaves with a crazy pink tendril ... what does that tell you about the jungle of my mind?


  1. In your mind is a beautiful jungle! Full of ideas and inspiration! Your works are so unusual and special!

  2. that's a really pretty background and it looks great on the card

  3. your getting good with these backgrounds, keep up with the good works!!!

  4. Wow wonderful that you have nicely done!
    Have a good weekend
    Greetings Baukje



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