Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Marvellous medallions!

I'm always on the look-out for interesting graphics to complement my quilling, and I recently came across some beautiful medallion designs on Karen's Graphics Fairy blog (this site is a really excellent source of old, out-of-copyright illustrations which can freely be used in craft projects).

I've utilised two of the medallions on this new monochrome card design, which, as you can see, incorporates an additional splash of colour in the form of quilling!  I like the crisp, black lines of the medallion graphics, and managed to find a suitable typeface (Academy Engraved LET) to match.

I've been meaning to experiment with closed bordered quillwork for some time, and making this particular motif was an interesting challenge. I started with the central red teardrop (made using a crimped strip), bordered it with a series of tight ring coils and then added three layers of crimped yellow gold as an edging. The purple open scrolls were an afterthought, but I think they balance the piece quite well.

My quilled shape is intended to echo the various shapes that appear in the medallion patterns, which seem to me to be an excellent source of quilling inspiration. More about that in my next post ...


  1. the graphics fairy is an excellent place to find things. Your card looks great. The quilled motif works really well with the medallions

  2. The simplicity and beauty of your design is amazing! Thank you for the link for medallions! There is a lot of ideas.



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