Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Another quilling challenge

Followers of Quilliance know that when it comes to quilling, I love a challenge! And on the subject of challenges, I've got news on two fronts:

Firstly, I'm very pleased to say that my snowflake card has been included among the winners in November's Take A Quill Pill challenge, and I feel highly honoured to take my place in Piyu's 'Hall Of Fame'.

Secondly, I was given an interesting challenge by a customer this week: to design a card around an old press cutting which included a photograph of the intended recipient (male) as a baby. As we all know, cards for men are always harder to design when it comes to quilling, and in this instance my customer wanted some filigree work in black and white to complement the old photograph. I decided to introduce just a little bit of red in the picture outline to provide some colour, and then kept my quilling simple as part of the picture 'frame'. Here's the end result, and I'm pleased to say that my customer was delighted.


  1. Oh that's perfect, Philippa! The upper quilled design almost reminds me of a mustache which would be fitting for the time period.

  2. I knew that snowflake card was a winner when I saw it. Congratulations.
    The birthday card is great too. Of course you customer would love it :)

  3. You choice of black and white is so right.I like what you have done on this card.

  4. Thanks, everyone! Maybe I'll have to start getting into scrapbooking next?!

  5. Oh, love the black and white quilling.

  6. Thanks Helen. It's surprising how striking black and white can be.

  7. Philippa,

    I loved the arrangement you did. Very elegant!



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