Friday, 5 November 2010

Quilling inspired by stained glass windows

Earlier this week, I watched a programme on television which showed the making of a stained glass window. It was fascinating to see how the design is first drawn on to paper, then the sections of glass are created by tracing the outlines with a V-shaped cut, using a special tool - miraculously it's then possible to snap away the glass in exactly the shapes you want. Next the coloured glass sections are joined together using lead solder, creating bold black outlines around each piece. And it got me thinking ... maybe I could create a similar effect with quilling?

My coloured 'glass panes' for the motif on this card were created using crimped strips, loosely rolled into tight coils (if you see what I mean!!) The crimping gives an interesting patterned effect, a bit like the texture of dimpled glass. I've added the 'leading' by outlining each shape with a black strip, wound around three times to make it quite prominent. (I have always loved the effect of bright colours set off against black.)

The photo background for this quilling was created using four images - two sky scenes and two of green leaves - to suggest the beauty of the world beyond the coloured 'panes'. I'm pleased with this one ... hope you like it too!


  1. Excellent card and I love the stained glass effect.

  2. Philippa,

    Great work was very beautiful and harmonious blending sky and plants and the ways in quilling.
    Good weekend!

  3. Fantastic. That was a great idea. The black outlining really does give it the look of a stained glass window and the crimping to give it texture really sets it off.

  4. Thanks to all for your comments. I'm quite excited about the potential for this technique - going to try and make a 'dove of peace' using this technique, hopefully today!



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