Thursday, 18 November 2010

Quilled festive napkin rings

I had a nice order last week for a set of eight festive napkin rings for my friend's Christmas Dinner table. And here they are, ready to deliver tomorrow!

I make these rings from strips of rolled and glued glitter paper, with a different quilled motif on each. They have proved very popular over the years - this is the third Christmas season that I've been asked to make them. Practice makes perfect ... and I'm rather pleased with my latest holly leaves made from two different shades of green. This mistletoe sprig is a new motif for this year, too.


  1. You're always coming up with novel ideas! I love that glittery red paper.

  2. What a clever idea that is. They are so pretty and I love that red glitter paper.

  3. You have done a great job and I am happy that you share your experiments with us .

  4. Thank you all! I delivered these napkin rings to my customer today, and I'm pleased to say she was delighted!



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