Saturday, 13 November 2010

Artist of the month!

Giddy Greetings

I had some exciting news today - I've been featured as 'Artist of the Month' on the Giddy Greetings Quilling Cards and Craft site. AND my woven paper purses have appeared on the excellent Going Green Crafters and Artists blog. My thanks go to Monica for conferring these great honours!


  1. Congratulations. what a thrill to be recognized like that. I'm not surprised though, your work is beautiful

  2. Philippa,

    I am very happy for the honor you received because you are an artist of great talent and creativity. Congratulations on the award and for the beautiful work you share with us all.
    Excellent weekend

  3. Ann and Nagela - thank you! Your kind comments and support mean such a lot to me ...

  4. congratulations Philippa,I am not surprised!!



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