Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Crazy for colour!

Isn't it funny how one thing just leads you on to another? Yesterday, I stopped by to comment on Eeenzy Beenzy's fabulous card with a zebra-pattern background (so striking!), and I vaguely remembered seeing a similar background graphic in the Photoshop Elements library, along with a leopard skin pattern. I'm a real fan of bold animal prints, so I decided to check these out.

Well, I'm so glad I did! I had never properly browsed through the Photoshop backgrounds library before, and was amazed to discover an absolute treasure trove of images I could use for my cards. (If you've got Photoshop, stop by and have a look - I'm sure you'll be impressed!)

Sure enough, the animal prints were there, but so much else besides ... landscapes, textures, sandy beaches, sports pitches, flower patterns - all of them just crying out for the application of some quilling!

I stumbled across one image that simply blew me away.  It's called 'Crayons' and is simply a photo of the tips of a set of wax crayons shot from above. I love this kind of image - vibrant colours set against a dark background - so I simply had to grab it and make it into the backdrop for a card.

I made a long vertical panel of the crayons image, added another Photoshop swirly sun graphic in a separate layer, and then set about adding some abstract quilling. This design is perhaps a bit too bold and 'off the wall' for many people's tastes, but I really like it as it somehow reflects my personality. And I guess that's exactly what individual creativity is all about.


  1. Your first picture is spectacular. With your favourite flower, the card does reflect your personality.

  2. The sun gives such a 3d effect. And I love the way quilling reflects the colors from the picture. Sometimes I feel the same, looking all around I find things waiting for my quilling :)

  3. Very creative. I've never had access to all those images because I am just too darn cheep to pay the membership price...lol

  4. Thanks everyone - I'll be posting something a bit more traditional today!

    Ann, I never had to pay a membership - all the images I found are included in Photoshop Elements 9 under Content>Backgrounds. Maybe you've got an earlier version?



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