Thursday, 28 April 2011

Quilled butterflies for my friend's birthday

I'm going right back to basics with this one! My quilling habit first turned into an addiction a couple of years ago when I started putting quilled butterflies on to photographs of flowers, and I haven't really looked back since! However, the original, simple ideas are often still the best - and I hope my friend Anne will be pleased with this classic 'Quilliance' design.


  1. Красиво! Бабочка чудесная получилась!

  2. How could she not be pleased with such a lovely card. I love the background picture you used in this.

  3. Your friend will love this beautiful birthday card, no doubt. I really like this technique and love how you use multiple strips in the wings. Both pieces are so pretty!

  4. Thanks Katrin, Ann and Molly!



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