Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Which flower is the star?

I thought the photo on this card was a really dramatic picture. I took it on Sunday during a visit to a lovely country garden, and was amazed by the deep red of these tulips which actually look more like poppies! But, although the tulips are centre stage, I decided that the real stars of this shot were the tiny little blue forget-me-not flowers that sit quietly in the background providing contrast to the splashes of red. So that's why I decided to let the tulips speak for themselves, paying homage to the forget-me-nots with a little quilling - plus a tiny hint of purple, too.


  1. They do look like poppies, they are lovely though, nice picture!

  2. Philippa,
    Very beautiful picture of this background combined with quilling is pure elegance!

  3. the photographed flowers are lovely, can't wait to see the tulips come up here. The forget me nots stand out well on that card. Looks great.

  4. Gorgeous card with the touch of quilling! The tulips are so bright and pretty. I thought they were poppies too!

  5. Poppies ... tulips ... well, they're all lovely aren't they? I wish you all a profusion of spring flowers!

  6. we went to the blue bell woods on saturday there i saw lots of forget me nots .they are a lovely sight .i like the way youve done those little flowers



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