Saturday, 16 April 2011

Here's one I made earlier ...

I'm not sure whether the title of this post will mean much to anyone outside the UK, but it's a catch phrase from a children's television show called Blue Peter where they always used to demonstrate craft projects in the 1960's and 70's (maybe even later - I'd stopped watching it by then!!)  Whenever they got to a stage where a project had to be put aside for a while - maybe for the glue to dry - the presenter would always continue by reaching under the table and pulling out "one I made earlier" in order to finish the demo. To this day, you hear it on cookery shows when a dish has gone into the oven: "... and here's one I made earlier" the presenters say, to a ripple of laughter, as they reach for an identical dish that has already completed its cooking time.

Anyway, my excuse for telling you this is that I've nothing much new to show you on the card design front today, as I've been so busy replacing some of my best-selling cards to refill my display box! I sold lots at the fashion show evening and also at yesterday's market, and it's clear that certain designs are particularly popular - so of course it makes sense to re-create them. The photo backgrounds may be the same as on the cards I have sold, but I do try to vary the quilling a little bit so that individual cards retain at least some of their uniqueness. So, in best Blue Peter tradition, I'd like to present " one ... no actually two ... that I made earlier" - same photo backgrounds, new quilling:


  1. Well I'm not familiar with that show but the phrase yes, I've heard it often on cooking and craft shows :) Both of your cards are just lovely. I always enjoy seeing your work no matter when it was made

  2. As always you have very pretty back ground pictures, I love how your quilling has gotten so good, love the quilling on both cards, nice job!happy that your cards sell so well.

  3. Thank you! Would you believe, I'm making that top card again already! (Trying a new flower motif, though ...)



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