Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Spring flowers and Photoshop

The more I learn about the capabilities of Photoshop, the more excited I become! Over the weekend, I took some photographs of some of the gorgeous spring flowers that are now brightening up our lives here in England - and I had a try at 'extracting' the blooms digitally so that I can use them in card layouts like this one.

I managed to extract a single yellow primrose flower and duplicate it, and then did the same for the pink flower (whose name I don't know, but it's lovely!) Using Photoshop, I have been able to layer and arrange  these flowers to make a frame around the single bloom of a stunning white narcissus, which I also extracted from a photo.

Then I decided to try and echo the beauty of the flowers in quilling. I've created four little huskings for the petals of each of these flowers, using the alternate side looping technique which makes a change from coiling - and looks quite elegant, I think. This idea would work quite well for an Easter card, too!


  1. good job with the extractions. The flowers make for a lovely frame. The best part is once you've extracted them you can use them over and over again.

  2. wow I liked your blog especially the photoshop one I also love to work with photoshop,

  3. Really pretty husked flowers!

  4. I'm going to re-work this one as an Easter card today.

    Thanks for visiting Anandhirajan!



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