Sunday, 31 July 2011

Breaking the silence!

When Quilliance is silent for more than a couple of days, you know that my time is being taken up by something big.  Sure enough, my main focus for the past few days has been preparing for an art show which took place in our village this afternoon - and I was right there amongst the paintings and the pottery with my quilling!

I took my quilled jewellery and the biggest range of cards that I could muster ... and it was SO worthwhile!  Lots of sales, lots of friendly people, and the huge satisfaction that comes from taking part in a successful event on a sunny summer's day.

The show took place in a big marquee set along the edge of our local cricket green, and it attracted a great crowd of people.  I took along some quilling to do, and quickly gained an admiring audience making the usual comments along the lines of: "that looks so fiddly", and "I would never have the patience to do that"!  Some have signed up for my next demo in a few weeks time, and I'm so looking forward to proving them wrong!

Here's my display, in a picture taken just before the show opened:

The only trouble now is that I've got my regular market again on Friday ... and an awful lot of replacement quilling to do!


  1. Philippa,
    Glad you have the opportunity to show their work and disseminate quilling for a greater number of people.
    Of course, you will realize the full replacement with new works of creativity and beauty.
    A good and productive week for you.

  2. I wish I could work as diligently as you do at getting ready for a show. It sounds like you had a very good day.

  3. congrats on making a success! hope someday i'll be as skilled as you too.

  4. That is so awsome, very nice set up you have, and glad you did so well, keep up the good work!!!

  5. Oh Philippa, you know how happy I am to hear that! Congratulations! Waiting to hear about your first quilling workshop, after the demo, I`m sure it will come :)



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