Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Quilled cards on the production line!

I've sold a lot of my quilled cards lately, which is great! But of course it means that I need to stock up again, pronto, because I've got several sales events coming up between now and the end of the month. The first of these is a Women's Institute meeting on Thursday, where there's going to be announcement about my recent win in the WI craft competition. This has already caused quite a bit of excitement amongst my fellow WI committee members, so I really can't go along to the meeting with a half-empty card box!

On Sunday, I began printing out a load of card blanks with photographic backgrounds: some of my most popular designs, and several that I haven't used for quite a while and had almost forgotten about! I've been quilling them ever since, and although the pictures may have been used before, much of the quilling is quite new as I'm trying to make use of some newly-learned techniques. Here's a small selection ... and I'm hoping to have some totally new ideas to show you before too long!


  1. Philippa nice to see some winged beauties

  2. very pretty, love the butterfly!!!

  3. you've been busy and it sounds like you're going to be for a while. The cards look great



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