Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Two more 'royal' huskings to complement some squares

I have always liked this four-square format for my cards, so I have returned to it while fulfilling a special order for a 'first anniversary' design. The couple who will receive it love nature, hence the flower and the butterfly. But I'm glad I left the other two squares plain, as they make the perfect backdrop for these huskings which have received the 'royal' treatment through twisting of the ends!

The 'Royal Flower' technique was invented by Asma Ahmad Bahari, and named on Facebook by Amna Al Fardh. Thanks, ladies - I could so easily sit and make these huskings all day long ...!


  1. Gorgeous, they will love it!!!!

  2. Какая прелесть! Очень изящно получилось!!!

  3. they do look very lovely on the card too.



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