Saturday, 9 July 2011

White on white

Now, you know me ... I really love COLOUR in my designs. But just occasionally I am tempted to do something completely different.

I was given the blank for this card at the quilling workshop I attended last week. It is made from lovely textured paper, and has a prettily cut edge (done, I think, using a Cuttlebug), behind which lies a narrow strip of white glitter paper on the inside of the card. Now obviously I couldn't run this through my computer printer to make a background, so that got me thinking: what kind of quilling shall I do to harmonise with this crisp, sharp white? The answer - more white, to create a delicate, almost sculpted, effect. The result is a card that's very different from the ones I usually produce, but I'm pleased with it. How surprising it is that white quilling shows up so well against a white background - I guess it has something to do with the shadows that are cast.

Anyway, you'll be pleased to hear that my new 'Fine Tip Glue Applicator' worked a treat - it really does dispense miniscule dots of glue when you want it to. I also tried the damp sponge/greaseproof paper technique for getting glue on to the back of my finished motifs, and can recommend this as well. (You can read more about both these items in my previous post.)

Now here's a close-up of the quilling itself... white on white, like an embroidered handkerchief!


  1. Gorgeous. never would of thought using white on white, thanks for sharing!!!

  2. White on white - very beautiful and delicate!

  3. Philippa this has come out so well. White is such an elegant colour. And the shapes are simply beautiful

  4. I've seen several white on white designs and love the look. Yours is gorgeous



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