Thursday 12 August 2010

Another quilled card - would William have approved?

Several of my posts this week have been dedicated to the 19th century English artist, William Morris, whose designs have inspired me by their relevance to quilling. Many of his wallpaper and fabric patterns have intricate backgrounds of intertwining leaves, and so I thought I'd try a similar approach - except that the background for this card is actually a photograph of a bush that's growing in my garden! (To keep it subtle, I reduced the opacity of the photo to 60% before printing.) I'm not sure whether William would have approved or not, but I quite like the effect of red, yellow, orange and gold quilled/cut-out shapes against this backdrop of fresh green leaves.


  1. Philippa,
    I think it is wonderful! I think William would approve! You do beautiful work and I love that you are inspired by so many natural things around you.

  2. Oh I think he would definitely approve. It looks great. You're on a roll.

  3. I was gone only for a day but I see you have done so much. Love your background and the way you have matched your quilling accordingly.

  4. Thanks to you all for your very kind comments! I'm just off to the market to see if I can sell this card ...



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