Saturday, 28 August 2010

Quills of a different kind

The spines of hedgehogs and porcupines are known as 'quills', and the photo on this card shows a lovely little hedgehog who regularly visits our garden.  He let me get right up close to take this picture:

Of course, I then couldn't resist trying to quill a hedgehog as well! I made this one by making a D-shaped coil with a brown strip, and then attaching some fringed sections which I had coloured in roughly using a brown marker pen. The hedgehog's real quills are brown and beige, so I used a beige fringed strip to colour, giving a mottled effect. Then I just added a little rolled black nose!


  1. This one just made me smile, how cute that is.

  2. Very cute and good idea with the fringing.

  3. So sweet! Lucky porcupine to get it's picture on your card .

  4. Thanks and Happy Quillday to you all!



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