Monday 9 August 2010

A new quilling inspired by William Morris

Last week, I visited a wonderful English country house in the Sussex countryside. It is called Standen, and was built in the late 19th Century using classic 'Arts and Crafts' style architecture and decor. Inside, the house is an absolute treasure trove of fabrics, wallpaper, ceramics and furnishings designed by the famous Victorian artist William Morris.

If you search on 'William Morris' in Google Images, you can see many wonderful examples of this amazing man's work. The colours are rich, the patterns are intricate, the level of detail is breathtaking - and I was totally inspired by what I saw!

I could immediately see that many of the shapes and patterns that Morris designed could be translated into quilling. So here's my own quilled tribute to William Morris, in which I have tried to echo his unique style:


  1. This is really beautiful work!

  2. Lovely design, Philippa. You're so right - there's lots of inspiration from William Morris. I envy you your visit to Standen.

  3. Beautiful Philippa, a really lovely piece.

  4. Love the colours and design.
    I love getting inspired by old designs from the world of art and history.

  5. I had to go and google william morris first and wow, I'm in love with the look. Your piece turned out fabulous and I can see the resemblance to some of his work. Very nice.

  6. I love it Phillippa. your card looks very pretty.Will check on William Morris.

  7. Nagela, Ann, Rosie, Bronwyn, Ann and Suganthi - thank you all for your kind comments! I knew that the William Morris patterns would appeal to my quilling friends, because the coil shapes we use are all there: teardrops, eyes, loose coils, tight coils, bunny ears ... I wonder whether William was a fan of quilling? I bought a wonderful book about his life when I was at Standen, and have just started reading it, so I may post some more details about him in the days to come. Meanwhile, I can't wait to try out some more designs ...

  8. so beautiful and unique flowers Philippa....
    thanks for your comments on my blog....
    I love all of your cards....


  9. Thanks, Susan - I'm so glad that you liked my flowers!



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