Sunday, 1 August 2010

Quilled anniversaries: silver and gold

People are always asking for anniversary cards at our Friday market, so I thought I'd try creating some new designs for the Silver (25 years) and Golden (50 years) ones.

Instead of the usual rolled and flared roses, I've used 'art deco' style ones which I think are quite striking. These are made by gluing two contrasting strips together at one end and folding rather than rolling them into a coil. When you release the coil, you get this interesting shape which shows both colours really well.

I decided to work hearts into the design, too, and the green leaves on the Golden Wedding card were made with crimped strips.

Now let's see if they sell ...?!!


  1. I love these. You are so creative with your cards

  2. Thanks, Ann - I just can't stop making them!!

  3. Neat idea , this way the roses will keep their shape in the mail. I might try on one of my cards. Thanks for the directions.

  4. You're right, Suganthi, this type of rose is much more suitable when a card is going in the mail - they can't get squashed! Here in England we have to pay extra for mail that is over a certain width as well, so sending cards with conventional roses in a mailing box costs more.



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