Tuesday, 3 August 2010

My latest quilled dragonfly card ... and news of a great quilling forum

My friend asked me to make a card featuring a quilled dragonfly on a picture of a bird of paradise flower. I must admit, I'd never heard of this flower, but checked it out online and discovered that it's a real exotic beauty. I just couldn't wait to start quilling, and this card is the result:

Since I started my blog, I've been amazed to discover the extent of the international quilling community online - it seems that there are enthusiastic quillers crafting away in almost every continent, producing wonderfully inspiring work. Last week I joined an excellent forum, hosted in Australia, which is doing a great job in bringing many of these quillers together. It's called the Creative Quilling Forum, and has a rapidly growing membership - if you're interested in quilling, you really should be part of it!

The forum is a lively site where people share ideas and display their work. There's an active 'general chit chat' section where all manner of quilling-related topics are discussed, plus tips and advice, shared patterns, tutorials, news of events and workshops - and much more besides! There's a gallery containing photos of members' quilling work, and voting is currently taking place on work submitted last month to a members' challenge. The quality of work is extremely high.

Do visit, and consider joining (if you have not already done so). You'll find the forum at: http://creativequilling.forumotion.com


  1. The card is beautiful. Thanks for the info on the forum, I'll have to check it out.

  2. Looks so light and delicate, almost about to take off-your dragonfly.

  3. Thanks, Ann and Suganthi. The background to the flower is quite dark, so you can't easily see the colours of the dragonfly in this photo, but I made the wings with gold strips which are quite sparkly.

  4. Lovely card- a dragonfly is the perfect companion to the bird of paradise. I agree with you about the AU forum - it's a great one, nice and active.

  5. Ann, you are very kind! Regarding the forum, have you checked out today's post about the late Lily Stubbs? Her site is an amazing place to explore.

  6. I Love from you Quilling!!!



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