Thursday, 16 September 2010

Every cloud has a quilled lining!

When I first got into making quilled cards on photographic backgrounds, I started with some very simple pictures of things such as clouds, green leaves and rippling water. Since then, my imagination has been running riot, and I've been using flowers as backgrounds for quilled butterflies, landscapes as backgrounds for quilled birds and hot-air balloons ... well, you've seen it all here, of course! But this week I thought I'd go right back to basics and make use of my favourite sky photos again. So I printed a sky panel on to this card ...

Well, you all know what it's like ... while I was thinking about what to quill against the blue sky background, I managed to spill a drop of water on to the card. I tried to blot it up and the ink smudged, creating a nasty blue streak across the white section. Oh no! What shall I do now? But there's nothing like adversity to get the creative juices flowing, is there? So I've covered up the smudge with a rainbow of quilling strips, added a tiny bit of silver filigree at one end and put in the sun, just peeking out of the clouds, to remind me that there's always sunshine after rain! Maybe every cloud does have a quilled lining after all.


  1. What a great save. I usually don't do things like that until the project is totally finished and then can't figure out how I'm going to fix it.

  2. No one will ever be the wiser that this wasn't your original intention - looks great!

  3. Love the rainbow idea!, and the cutest sun peeping out of the clouds.

  4. Thanks everyone! I took this card to the market this morning, and it was much admired!



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