Monday, 27 September 2010

A fishy tale

Believe it or not, two of the quilled fish on this card started life as butterfly wings! I had made up two teardrop coils with purple, pink and yellow quilling strips glued together at the top - and, as so often happens with multicolour 'twirling', the two coils unwound at slightly different rates and the teardrops did not really match. Instead of throwing them away, however, I wondered what would happen if I tried curling them slightly at one end - and these two multicoloured fish were the result! So I printed a blue sea background, added one more fish, some weed and a seashell ... and here's my latest card design!


  1. That's very clever of you. I hate to waste strips too. I think you invented a new design for quilled fish.

  2. Your fish are proof that there is a solution to anything. What a clever idea. I love the way your curled the ends of those

  3. I agree with Suganthi. I love when something turns completely different then imagined.

  4. Yes, I was quite surprised when the 'eye' ended up in just the right place for a little fish. Maybe we should call this new shape the 'fish tail coil'?



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