Saturday, 11 September 2010

More Christmas quilling

Well, I wasn't entirely happy with the card I featured in my last post. After thinking about it for a while, I decided that the design was far too 'busy' with quilling on top of four different photographs ... although I am pleased with the colour combination of purple, silver and gold, which makes a bit of a change from 'traditional' Christmas colours.

So here's my second attempt, with just two photos this time, and the quilling set over blank purple squares. The silver filigree tree was a bit of an experiment, just to see whether it's possible to create one using open rather than closed coils - I think it works OK. And the gold holly leaves were made using a punch, so all I had to do was quill the berries. I'm feeling a whole lot better about this second card!


  1. I definitely like it and love the look of the silver tree

  2. The silver tree is a winner! I also love the way your christmas decorations too have swirls and curls on them.

  3. I'm glad you like the tree, girls! I think I'll do some more like this in different colours, maybe with some baubles in too.



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