Thursday, 9 September 2010

Time to start thinking about some Christmas quilling

I visited London yesterday, and had a great time sightseeing around Westminster, Whitehall, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden. It made me realise, though, that the shops and restaurants in the capital are already gearing up for Christmas, and so I thought it was high time I set to work on my first Christmas card design for 2010.

At the beginning of this year, I took some photographs of our Christmas decorations before we packed them away, thinking that maybe I could use the images as photographic backgrounds for my 2010 cards. Here's the first design, featuring four photos of my favourite baubles as a backdrop for some abstract quilling. I used the 'combing technique' to create the main motif, using an onion holder from my kitchen drawer. And I decided to work with purple, silver and gold quilling strips as a change from the traditional red, green and gold Christmas colours.

It's a different look, but hopefully an eye-catching one. I've got lots more photographs in my Christmas file, so will be working on some more designs in the coming days.

Finally, I'm so pleased to see that Suzana and Karen have recently joined my list of followers. A warm welcome to you both!


  1. I like your design and the different color scheme than the traditional red and green. I think the purple silver and gold go much better with the pictures you used.

  2. Lovely photographs! Neat quilling!

  3. Ann and Suganthi, you are very kind! On reflection, I think this card is actually a bit too 'busy' - I am going to modify it a bit by removing a couple of the photos and replacing them with some blank coloured squares ... watch this space!



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