Monday, 14 March 2011

I'm back on a roll with a new quilled flower!

Well, I'm happy to report that my new 'quilling' tool works brilliantly! (Please see yesterday's post to read about the felting needle that I bought last week for rolling coils - it's great!) I made teardrop shapes in two different sizes to create the quilled flower on this card, using the narrow end section of the tool for the inner petals (small centres) and the middle section for the outer petals (slightly larger centres). They rolled up effortlessly, and I really like the sturdiness of the tool which is, of course, designed for stabbing fabric with - it's easy to grip and very strong. I can definitely recommend it!

I don't know the name of the flower on this card, but I photographed it in the Mediterranean zone of the Eden Project in Cornwall where I visited last week - it's full of exotic plants, and a real feast for the eyes. I took loads of new pictures while I was away, and now it feels great to be back quilling once again!


  1. very nice card, love the quilled flower, and glad you found a tool that works for you!

  2. Very pretty! You did a brilliant job on the six pointed star... folded designs are always fiddly, I think. Do you use a ruler to get the folds even? The tool is a great idea - nice to have the options of which portion to use.

  3. Lovely card. I don't know what the flowers are but they sure are pretty. Glad to hear your new tool worked out the way you wanted it to

  4. I'm glad you all liked my flower!

    Ann, I only actually folded the yellow tips - all the other parts are teardrops. I didn't use a ruler, just tore a yellow strip into sixteenths and folded six of these sections in half before attaching them to the central blue teardrops. I did, however, trim the torn edges first just to neaten them up.

  5. A very beautiful card this one! The name of this flower: blue bottle flower may be?

  6. Well, I don't actually know what this flower is called - it's something exotic from the Mediterranean. I'm so glad you liked my card.



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