Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A new Easter card with sheep and some quilling

Driving around in Cornwall last week, we had to stop and let a large flock of sheep pass by. They went along at a gallop, but I managed to get a photo of them through the car window - and I've cropped it to use on this card. Aren't their faces sweet?

Sheep and lambs always remind me of Spring, and I decided to use some bright, warm, sunshiny background colours to make this design into an Easter card.

First I quilled the daffodils (to complement the smaller picture), and then I added a little border motif in three colours to go under the flock of sheep.

The idea for this motif pattern actually came from studying the strap of my wrist watch. Take a closer look, and you'll see a repeating pattern comprising marquise, eye and curved triangle shapes. I wanted to see if this would translate into quilling, and I think it's worked OK. Maybe there's potential here for a longer border piece?


  1. I love how you grab ideas from just about anything you see around you. How clever to get inspiration from your watch.
    Love the card and sheep remind me of spring also.

  2. Isn't that great how we find quilling design inspiration in the most unlikely places?! Love how you recreated your watchband. I didn't realize sheep move along quickly... had always imagined it to be an slow, annoying plod, based on Hugh Grant movies. :)

  3. I like how you got the idea of border from your watch, your good!

  4. I should have called this one "See how they run"! More sheep cards coming soon ...

  5. Such a wonderful idea. This is the first time that I saw a Easter card with a sheep. This is really great! Thanks for sharing.



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