Thursday, 3 March 2011

Shine on!

I'm still experimenting with those metallic-edged quilling strips, and I've found they work particularly well when double-rolled with a contrasting crimped strip to add texture.

To make this heart, for example, I joined together two teardrop coils created from a purple-copper edged strip rolled with a crimped pale blue one. (The blue strip also has a metallic edge, but it's quite hard to see it!)

Then I tried this triple-rolled combination to make another heart: purple/copper, crimped pale blue in the middle and plain purple on the inside, all joined together at one end before rolling. I really like the final texture and the shine.

Experimentation is all very well, of course, but I never like to see the resulting motifs go to waste.  So I made up another heart and created this card. I think the hearts look quite good on a grey background - just the thing to brighten up an otherwise grey day!


  1. Love the texture, it really stands out,the shiny colors are great, I think you got good buy on those strips, nice work!

  2. dit is echt uit proberen maar wel heel mooi!!!
    Groetjes Baukje

  3. Your experiments always seem to come out with brilliant results. those are very nice.

  4. Shine on, sisters! Dank u, Baukje!

  5. Hello from Southern California. I found your blog from the Graphics Fairy and was so happy to find another quiller. I went back to the first post and read it through to here. I love the idea of using photos as a background, and I love the folded rose, and all the other lovely pictures. Thanks for the link to Paper and Pixels. And especially thanks for the lists of other blogs. There just isn't enough time to look at all the blogs, and still do things too. But I'm enjoying looking. I will be back. Thanks, Kitty

  6. Hi Kitty! Thanks so much for visiting, and I'm really impressed and flattered that you went through all my posts right from the beginning! (You must surely be the 'Visitor from Long Beach California' who's been showing up on my Feedjit feed over the last few days!) I know what you mean about there not being enough time to follow all the blogs and find time for quilling as well - but I try my best LOL!! I'm wondering if you have a blog as well - if so, I'd love to visit but couldn't find anything on your Google profile. Anyway, do keep in touch ... you can also find me on Facebook where the name of my page is Quilliance. Happy quilling!

  7. Thanks for the welcome. I don't have a blog or even a profile yet. If you see me still off and on your blog, I am exploring the blogs in your list.

  8. Nice simple design. Very elegant. Great inspiration for people to create their own cards vs. store bought ones.



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