Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Quilling with special effects

To make this flower, I used three special quilling effects: crimping, fold-rolling and metallic edged strips! I really like the fold-rolling technique (as described in detail in this earlier post), because it enables you to work with different colours and incorporate extra texture through the use of crimped strips joined to un-crimped ones. And, let's face it, flowers like this are MUCH easier to make than paper roses!  For this flower, I made up two composite strips comprising metallic-edged pink plus yellow (un-crimped) and deep pink plus orange (crimped), joined together and fold-rolled from the yellow/orange end, with the orange on the inside. I've found it best to start with a tiny fold and increase the length of the fold every six folds or so. before releasing and gluing.

I also love using crimped strips to make leaves, because they stay fairly tight after coiling and enable you to make interesting-looking, chunky marquises like the ones I've used here.

And, of course, I love metallic-edged strips (also used in the pink coil) just because they look so good!

I've added this flower to one of my 'nature montage' card backgrounds which always seem to be popular at our market:

Have a great day, and happy quilling!


  1. nice, like the way the leaf came out!

  2. It is nice. I like the leafe ☺

  3. Wow Philippa I love that flower!!! Your quilling Amazes me!
    Linda K.

  4. I like it and I agree that has to be way easier than folded roses.

  5. My crimping machine is working overtime at the moment! Thanks so much for your comments, girls!



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