Thursday, 24 March 2011

More shadow play, with Photoshop!

I created the frame for the card in yesterday's post using Pages, part of the iWorks software suite for Apple Mac computers. Today, I tried creating something similar using Photoshop. I found that it's quite easy to create all kinds of geometric shapes with bevelled edges, and you can adjust the colour, opacity and shadowing to get the end result you want. I'm not sure how well you can see the light grey shadowing around this particular frame as it's quite subtle (and the photo of the card itself has turned out a little grey), but it certainly seems to create the desired illusion of depth. The only trouble is, I played around adjusting the image so much that I'm not sure exactly how I got there! Fortunately I have saved it, though!

Anyway, I thought this frame would make an attractive background for a Mothers' Day design, and this time I've added colour to the background in the form of a delicate pink oval. The pink flowers were made by 'fold-rolling' two pink strips together (one metallic-edged, one plain) and releasing them to create these Art Deco style blooms. Today's colours are deliberately more pastel than the ones I used yesterday, but I could not resist the dark red 'ribbon' and some open coils in my favourite lime green!

Following Ann's brilliant tip (see comments below) I've managed to reduce the greyness of the photo as you can see here:

The section around the pink oval still looks slightly whiter because it printed as solid white within the frame. I guess that shows that my white cards aren't as white as I thought they were!! Anyway, thanks for the very useful tip, Ann!


  1. Lovely card Philipa!! Like the colour combination ☺

  2. nice job as usual, like how you did the shadow!

  3. Another lovely card. i really like the frame.
    If you want to get rid of the grayish tint in the white you can do that in photoshop.
    Click on enhance > adjust color > remove color cast. You'll get a little eyedropper and you can click that on any part of the picture that should be either white, gray or black. It automatically fixes the tone

  4. Love the card!
    The soft colours are so perfect for a Mothers day card!

    Keep rocking!

  5. Thanks for your comments, everyone. I'm off to the market now with this card in my box - let's see if I can sell it!

  6. It looks so much like the quilling is framed. Nice effect.



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