Sunday, 20 March 2011

Quilling for a knitting fan

I saw lots of sheep on my recent holiday in Cornwall, and took a few photos with card-making in mind. Of course, I always like to do some quilling to complement a photo, so I thought I'd have a go at creating some knitting needles and a little ball of wool.

For this project, I joined a whole white 3mm quilling strip to a shorter length of crimped white, and rolled this all up to create a loose circle coil.  I thought the crimped section would add a little texture to the end of the ball of wool, and deliberately left a bit of it hanging loose after gluing. Then I cut another section of 3mm white strip in half to make a 1.5mm width, and cut short sections of it to create the criss-cross effect that you get with a rolled-up ball of wool. The needles were made out of short pieces of silver strips (again, cut down to a 1.5mm width) with tiny points cut at one end, and little T-sections added to the other.

Here's the finished card, showing the photo I took of a co-operative sheep that posed very nicely for me under a tree:


  1. You really take some nice pictures, I always enjoy seeing what you come up with and the quilling that you add is pretty neat!

  2. Philippa,
    What a fantastic combination, lovely!

  3. You make an original and beautifull combination of quilling and photography. I like this one: poor sheep!

  4. What a clever idea. Very nice of the sheep to pose for you

  5. Thanks everyone. It was a very obliging sheep!



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