Thursday, 30 June 2011

Victory for quilling!!

Well, I'm so excited about the news I'm about to share!!  One of my pieces of quilled jewellery has been selected to represent the county of Hampshire in the UK Women's Institute (WI) Inter-Counties Craft Competition alongside three other winning items!  I had a telephone call this afternoon to tell me the news, and I will be attending a special meeting of Hampshire WI's in October to receive a presentation certificate.  What's more, my entry has been forwarded to the national competition, so you never know ...

Now, obviously I'm very pleased about this on a personal level, but I'm also delighted for the art of quilling.  The entry criterion for this particular craft competition was a piece of jewellery "in any medium". So, as you can imagine, my entry was up against beading, silversmithing and other more widely known craft techniques.  In the past, I have been saddened to see quilling marked down by judges in other similar competitions because they have doubted the durability of items made of paper.  To try and pre-empt this, I included a note with my quilled pieces explaining how I coat them with PVA glue and spray varnish to make them strong and waterproof.  It seems to have paid off!

I entered three separate pieces into the competition, and this pin brooch was the one which was selected:

I created this piece by winding gold-edged black strips with plain black crimped strips to make the teardrops and marquises. The centre is a plain black solid coil with gold-edged black around it, topped off with a classic folded rose. After assembling the pieces, I mounted it on a stick type brooch pin with super glue. Apparently, the judges were VERY impressed!

I also entered these quilled earrings:
and this quilled pendant which - believe it or not - has also just been voted a winner in the Creative Quilling Forum's recent jewellery challenge.

So that's two wins in the space of 24 hours ... I really am on Cloud Nine!!


  1. ...and a big victory for you, Philippa!!!That's amazing thing!I'm so happy for you and I'll keep my fingers crossed! The pin is gorgeous, no surprise that judges liked it!
    Congrats again!!!

  2. WOW, Philippa, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am happy for you. These pieces looks fabulous especially the brooch. Quilled jewelry can ever compete with the metal parts, can achieve high fine pieces and can be sustainable if you use varnish.
    Wish you success in national competition!

  3. Congratulations on your WI win and good luck with the national comp.

  4. Congratulations. What a fantastic day you have had.

  5. Congrats, I'm so excited for you, your really becomming popular!!!!

  6. many congratulations , the pin looks super good and no surprise you won.

  7. The jewels are gorgeous! Congratulations Philippa. Now I`m asking myself what more ideas you have and I`m waiting to see them alive!

  8. Very beautiful work. Congrats Philippa. :)

  9. Congratulations! your creations are gorgeous and beautiful
    I hope to see many of you Philippa
    Greetings Baukje

  10. Congratulations!!!! You deserve it... Wishing you much luck and will keep my fingers crossed for you!!! Hugs, antonella :-)

  11. Philippa, I am so happy for you! Not only did you design very attractive pieces, but you did a remarkable job in applying the protective coatings so that the paper quilling remains beautiful and lacey. Thank you for spreading the beauty and versitility of quilling to others. I think your story would make a good article for the Quill America newsletter.

  12. Wow....congratulations Philippa on both of your wins. Your work is amazing so I am not surprised that you won. Like you said, this is a personal win but also a win all around for quilling too.

    My mom was born in Hampshire (near Petersfield) and we have been back many times to visit)so you are a great representative.

  13. Oh this is so amazing....congratulations on such a big win....well deserved.

  14. Hurray for quilling. Congrats, you deserve it, it's a nice piece.

  15. Hurray for quilling ... yes indeed! Thank you, Elena, and also everyone else who left such lovely comments!



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