Saturday, 4 December 2010

A classic example

"I love combining quilling with photography to create cards like this one" ... that's the caption you'll find under many of the card designs I've posted on my Flickr page - and there really could not be a better example of what I mean than this.

Back in the summer, my friend's husband took this lovely photograph of an opportunist flower poking its pretty head through a gap in their garden fence. The moment I saw it, I could feel a card design coming on, with some quilling to reflect both the colours of the flower and the attractive irregular shapes of its petals.

To make the card, I 'pulled' the photo into a circular border on my computer, scaling it so that the circle is largely filled by the flower, with just a little bit of the fence panel showing through. (There are some nice colours in the panel, too!)

After printing the front of the card, I added my quilled interpretation of the flower - and here's the end result - a classic example of my favourite technique.


  1. It's absolutely lovely. This is definitely your signature look and style.

  2. Thanks, Ann - and I thought we could all do with a reminder of summer with this flower picture.



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