Wednesday, 1 December 2010

How about a little decoupage?

Last night I watched a programme on TV which demonstrated the craft of decoupage. Basically, you just tear up paper into random shapes, and glue the shapes down over-lapping each other, adding a fresh layer of glue as you go. It looked like fun, so I decided to make up a little decoupage background for some Christmas quilling.

To make this card, I used a card blank with a pre-cut oval cut-out, and layered some torn-up newspaper shapes so that they showed through behind the oval 'window'. The newspaper I chose was a gardening supplement, which included a nice photo of a festive wreath to go in the centre of the design. Then I just added a quilled holly motif after the layering glue had dried, and put a little silver decoration in each corner of the outer card face.

It only took a few minutes to assemble the decoupage, and I'm really quite pleased with the result. Here's what it looks like inside the card:

I think that colourful quilling would look very effective on top of plain black and white newspaper text, too, without needing to find a suitable picture.

By the way, my husband commented this morning that I ought to change the name of my blog from 'Quilliance' to 'Dalliance' because I spend so much time on-line! Cheeky, I know - but I had to laugh!!


  1. Hi Philippa, just read your fb post on doing a demo for a ladies group. I did this a few years ago and will do a blog post about how I did it if you like. It was great fun and I got 4 ladies who joined my class at the time, so it turned out profitable as well.
    Great idea about newspaper text, looks good against the colours.
    Rosie x

  2. Thanks, Rosie - that would be great if you could do a post about your quilling demo, I'd love to know more...

  3. Decoupage is something I haven't tried either... at least not for a very long time and definitely not with quilling - kind of fun slathering all that glue around I bet. :-) I love what you did here and think the lime green is such a nice contrast over the deep green wreath.

  4. It WAS fun, Ann - highly recommended when you just want an easy technique and a quick result. I love that lime green, too!



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