Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Photography plus quilling equals digiscrapping!

Inspired by my new friends over at Papers and Pixels, I've decided to have a try at digital scrapbooking ('digiscrapping'). After all, I've been manipulating digital images to use as backgrounds for my quilled cards for many months now, and it feels like a logical step forward.

Here's my first attempt, which utilises a layout template created by Laura Boetto of Maggie May Designs as the vehicle for some of my favourite butterfly photographs. I've called the finished design 'Butterfly heaven', and I'm really pleased with all the bright summery colours - I could certainly do with a break from the gloomy days of winter right now!

However, I certainly don't intend to turn my back on quilling. In fact, I've decided that any digiscrap layout I create in future will contain at least one quilled motif as a signature item. In this piece, I've added a little quilled butterfly in the top right hand corner.

This project has been great fun to do, and I can't wait to experiment further - but I've got plenty more quilling ideas in mind for 2011, too. Who knows what the New Year will bring?


  1. Hopefully the new year will bring nothing but good things. I see you doing fabulous things in 2011.
    I was very interested in digital scrapbooking for a while but then decided that I really wasn't all that good at it. Maybe it was because I was too cheap and wouldn't buy any kits but only use freebies that I collected...lol It's still fun to play around with every now and then though

  2. Hi Ann, I'm sure you'd be great at scrapbooking! It seems to me that it's not really necessary to buy a lot of kits, there's plenty of material you and I can use in our own photo libraries - that's my take on it, anyway. I definitely need to get Photoshop, though.



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