Tuesday, 14 December 2010

You've seen the photo ... now here's the quilling!

Two flickering candles in the centre of a floral table decoration ... the photo I featured in my last post was crying out to be used in my next card design - and here's the finished result. Using the photo as a background, I've added quilling to try and echo the beauty of some of the flowers that were included in the arrangement: red roses, a yellow lily, blue pom-pom petals and the neat little closed bud of a 'rose of sharon' flower, with fresh green foliage in between.

The roses in the display were particularly stunning, with petals of the deepest red that almost looked like velvet. To quill them, I used a combination of red and burgundy strips joined at one end and folded together in parallel to form an 'art deco' style coil when released.

Here's one of the original roses in all its glory (although the red looks somewhat lighter than reality in this shot):

And here's a close-up of my quilling. The foliage backgrounds were cut from green gift-wrap paper using a leaf-shaped punch.


  1. It looks great. You have such a talent for combining the right quilling with the photos. Your cards always look beautiful

  2. So Nice! I am trying to practice your roses but can't get the same effect that you get.

  3. Thanks Ann and Suganthi! I'll try and do a tutorial for the 'art deco' roses - they are easy to make once you get the technique.



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