Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Following yonder star ... quilled!

For the last few days, I've had thoughts in my head about quilling a Christmas star using a dark blue background for the night sky. It was only ever a vague idea, but yesterday I finally had the time to print a background and get started on some quilling. As usual with these projects, I just made up the pattern as I went along!

I have quite a good selection of metallic strips at present, so I decided to use a silver and gold theme for the star. I ended up using three different shades of copper and gold for the 'S' coils. The silver points of the star were made by winding half strips around a thick dowel and pinching the resulting rings into teardrop shapes. I added the white and pale yellow details to 'lift' the colours in the design just a little bit. The two little stars were made using outline peel-offs stuck on to silver paper - I felt that these would put the main star into context as the brightest orb in the night sky.

I'm going to enter this design into the December Challenge on the Creative Quilling Forum. Check out the forum gallery - you'll find some inspiring work on there!


  1. Hej, this is really good one. Those snowflakes looks easy to do but it needs a lot of good work, like yours. I don't dare to make them. Copper looks so nicely. Where do you get your paper? Is it easy to do with it?
    As I said before, we will see a lot of lovely snowflakes from you.
    And one more thing, your husband got it right; it's difficult task to follow your work since you're so hard working lady and I just can't achieve to comment all your lovely cards ( partly because of my English ). But, please, do have in mind that I look and read everything you post. I'm around here:)

  2. Another beautiful creation. I don't know how you keep coming up with all of these.

  3. Lovely work philippa, and I agree with Suzana you are creative in both your quilling and photography.

  4. Thanks everyone - you're very kind!

  5. Hi Philippa, your star is interesting, when I first glanced at it I thought it was a little figure, especially with the main vertical point being longer than the rest - but thats just my silly brain... I do like the main branch being longer than the others, it gives it more of a star significance. The metallic papers are interesting, are they jewel tones? You do have to be careful how you use them, because some of them are so dark it can make everything look so dull. The copper one is great though.

  6. Hi Rosie, glad you like the star! The metallic strips are from the Paplins range - don't know about them being 'jewel tones', as I've not come across those before. You're right about the dark shades - the silver can look particularly dull on its own, so I like to use some white as well to 'lift' it. And I agree that the copper shade is lovely.



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