Sunday, 19 December 2010

Quilled card for a dog lover

I always feel rather sorry for people whose birthdays fall at this time of year, because their own special celebrations can so easily be overshadowed by the 'main event'. It's our niece's birthday this week, and I've actually found it a real pleasure to sit down and design a quilled card for her which has nothing whatsoever to do with Christmas!

She's a dog-lover, trainer and walker, so I really didn't have to think very long about the theme for this card! All it took were a few doggy pictures, a plain oval background ... and then I could indulge myself with a feast of quilling doggy paws!!  The bone and the heart add a bit of extra variety, with colours to lift the overall design. Happy birthday, Tina!


  1. Brilliant! Love the paws..xx

  2. What a cute card that is. Happy birthday to your niece

  3. Philippa,
    Tina must have loved your card. I found adorable.
    A great Christmas to you!

  4. I am sure your niece will love this card.

  5. I know what you mean about birthdays. I have two daughters with December bithdays, in fact one's is today. I love your quilled doggy bone. My co-worker got a puppy early for her Christmas present. I think I'll borrow your idea to make her Christmas card.

  6. Great idea, MariLynn! I'd love to see a photo of your card when it's finished.



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