Thursday, 2 December 2010

Quilled birthday balloons

After writing about putting quilling on to decoupage newsprint in yesterday's post, I remembered a card design template that I created on the computer a couple of years ago featuring a simple text box with 'birthday-related' words in it. At the time I thought that it might make an interesting background for some quilling, and so I've dusted off the idea once again to create this card for my friend's birthday.

Selected words in the text box are highlighted in colour to brighten up the whole effect, and I've added a bunch of quilled balloons to get the celebrations under way.

This idea could easily be adapted to suit any occasion ... just add quilling! Here's the finished card:


  1. It's interesting how black goes well with bright colors! Great photo, as well!
    I liked decoupage one, good idea!

  2. what a nice idea and the colours look so good against the black and white background.

  3. I love this card! So colorful and cheery! And your "just add quilling" is great! lol

    hugs from Texas, xo

  4. Looks like this card is a big hit! Thanks everyone!

  5. Beautiful as always:)

  6. that's a really great idea. I love the text box. It reminds me of those word clouds that you can make online.

  7. InezArt, Nagela and Ann - I hope this is an idea you can all use!



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