Thursday, 17 February 2011

Another 'lacy' quilled card ... and news of a brilliant quilling giveaway!

I just couldn't stay away from those brilliant lace backgrounds for long! The designs I made previously have proved popular at our market, so I've been replenishing my stock with 'variations on a theme'. This card uses my favourite circular lace frame, and this time I've added three 'fold-rolled' flowers, each made from a pair of contrasting colour strips joined together at one end.

As I've mentioned before, I first learned the technique for making these flowers from Jane Jenkins' excellent book 'Quilling Techniques and Inspiration', so it seems timely to mention that Jane's former quilling supplies company, JJ Quilling, (now under new ownership) is currently the subject of an exciting 'giveaway' post over on Ann Martin's blog. Do visit this link, because there are some fabulous examples of exquisite miniature 3D quilling on there by Diane Boden-Crane who now runs JJ Quilling - plus a link to the company's re-vamped web site which is full of highly desirable quilling supplies!  Ann is offering a brilliant give-away opportunity for packs of quilling strips, too - check it out!!


  1. So it is simple! Idea interesting!

  2. very nice, love the lace!
    I have Jane's books and they are great!

  3. I really do like your lace backgrounds. They look fabulous.
    I saw that post on Ann's blog and I was amazed at what she can do.

  4. I too like your lace back ground , I am not surprised there are admired.

  5. Well, I'm just off to the market with this card in my box, so we'll see if the customers like it too!!

  6. I have been enjoying the style you are developing, love your lacy card!

    Antonella :-)



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