Wednesday, 9 February 2011

In search of a golden glow!

I'm still happily producing 'fold-rolled' quilled flowers like the one on this card, which I've just made using a combination of yellow and orange strips (the orange is on the inside). This combination of colours seems to create a kind of golden warmth which I've tried to echo with a richly coloured background. I created this background in Photoshop Elements, by overlaying a close-up picture of a deep red rose with a gold-coloured 'texture' which I obtained as a freebie from the amazing Shadowhouse Creations site  - thank you very much, Ann, for the excellent recommendation!  If you look very closely, you'll see that the overlay includes lines of handwriting which I think produce a really interesting effect.  The colouring of this design also gave me a great opportunity to use some of the 'pumpkin' coloured strips that I still have left over from last Hallowe'en. In these chilly winter days, I'm hoping that my card will give someone somewhere a nice warm glow!!


  1. He does have some amazing textures there I'm so glad you checked it out and liked it. Thanks for the mention too.
    Your card looks great,the flower goes very well with that wonderful background

  2. Your flower looks very interesting. Like embroidery.

  3. Yes, it does appear a bit like embroidery ... maybe that could be a whole new 'look' for quilling?

  4. That is a very unique look. Very beautiful!



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