Friday, 4 February 2011

Another quilled Valentine: one for the men!

The trouble with most quilled Valentine cards is that they usually look rather feminine. After all, swirls, curls and filigree in general just don't always seem to be appropriate for men!

So I came up with this design, thinking that it might be more suitable for a male recipient. I sold it straight away at this morning's market (to a lady customer for her husband!), so it seems that my thinking was right! As you can see, I'm still quilling with crimped strips at the moment, because I really like the chunky, textured effect. Maybe it was this - plus the bold silver, red and black colours I used - that succeeded in giving it a more masculine 'feel'.


  1. Really like this one, perfect for a guy!
    Do you stamps or rub ons for the lettering?

  2. Thanks, girls!

    Paula, I print the wording and the background heart using my computer - it's easy to do with the Apple Mac Pages software. That's how I print my photo backgrounds as well.

  3. You're right Phillipa, this one is great for a guy!

  4. Totally agree with you about feminine Valentines... what to do with them?! I'm not a bit surprised this design sold right away... I think you're onto a great idea.

  5. Philippa,
    Very cute. The paper gave a nice texture effect!

  6. It does have a masculine feel to it. Looks fantastic

  7. Let's hope the man who receives it thinks so too!!

  8. Beautiful card! I like the look of crimped paper, too. Congratulations on the sale.



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