Thursday, 24 February 2011

Shiny new quilled earrings!

I can't tell you how much I LOVE the metallic edged strips I got from JJ Quilling Design. The metallic edges are so sharp and bright that they really do add an extra dimension to quilling. (And, no - they are NOT sponsoring me to tell you this!!)

Yesterday, I experienced a burning desire to create some new earrings. (You know how it is ...) I decided to try a twin-strip husking design using a black strip edged with gold on the outside and a green/green metallic strip on the inside, which I crimped. When I make these huskings, I like to fold the strips together in half before winding around the pins, rather than gluing down a 'starting loop' to go around pin number one - it means that you have to glue four times instead of two whenever you wind back around the first pin, but it gives the resulting husking a much more substantial appearance. I like the way the crimped green strip appears 'sandwiched' between the black/gold. For this design, I've also added three little tight coils made from crimped black/gold strips. And I'm thrilled with the end result - just look how brightly it shines!

I can't wait to start experimenting with my purple/copper edged strips next ...

Really, what craft could possibly be more thrilling than quilling?!!


  1. very nice and shiny, and like the design, like them alot!

  2. Quilling rules lol And when you combine it with another thing you can't resist-jewelry...
    Really lovely design and paper.
    Waiting to see your next combination!

  3. they are very pretty and I do love that metallic paper

  4. It looks gorgeous and love the shimmer.

  5. Thanks everyone - and Suzana is right: quilling rules OK lol!!

  6. Beautiful! I love your earrings and the metallic edged paper, it really adds something... and your design on the earrings - Super fantastic! hugs, antonella :-)



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