Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Let's twist again ...

... like we did yesterday! Except that today I've been experimenting with different ways of using the twisted loop effect of the 'Royal Flower' technique.

I made this design by adding a 'Royal twist' to the straight ends of some 'P' scrolls and the outer loops of a simple husking. I also added a second colour (orange) to the inner scroll sections for greater visual impact. A Facebook friend in Australia has already commented that this design has a Medieval look about it, which I think could easily set me off on a whole new quilling style!


  1. The beginning of your post made me think of the Chubby Checker song "The twist" :)
    I like your version of the twist, very pretty

  2. I love this design, Philippa! I have never tried to do the ends like you have done, it looks great! A royal flower? I love learning things like this. And the colors are so pretty!

    hugs xo

  3. Beautiful design! And indeed in my opinion too it has a Medieval look!
    Please stop by my blog, when the time will permit. You have there an award waiting for you!



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