Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Work in progress

I'm busy, busy, busy ... but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Right now, I'm stocking up on cards and making some new quilled earrings for sale at our village festival on 11th June. You can see a few of the earring huskings here. Plus I've been experimenting with making vortex coils - a quilling shape that was invented some years ago by the talented Australian quiller, Licia Politis, whose work I greatly admire. And I've got some articles to write, too - for the NAQG newsletter Quill America and the on-line magazine Papers and Pixels.  Just wish there were 36 hours in every day ...


  1. lovely designs, good luck with all your activities!!

  2. you are a busy girl. I'm curious about the CD in the picture.

  3. Thanks everyone.
    Ann, I use a CD covered in cling film as a surface on which to assemble my quilling work. It's lightweight and easy to turn around when gluing pieces together, plus the film ensures that the quilling does not get permanently stuck!

  4. Very beautiful earrings! And the vortex squares look great! Wish you to accomplish what you have in plan for the village festival and good luck! A day with 36 hours will be great :)



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