Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Royal petals and leaves

There's a real buzz over on Facebook at the moment about a new quilling technique for making what's recently been named a 'Royal Flower' (or a type of 'Malaysian Flower'), developed by quiller Asma' Ahmad Bahari of Simple Rhyme.

(For details, do check out the Emirates Quilling Guild page on Facebook if you are a registered Facebook user, or visit this link for an example and tutorial.)

Basically, the technique involves twisting the ends of the loops inside quilled huskings to form curly patterns rather like 'P' coils - and the result is very effective!

Well, of course, I HAD to have a go - and here's my take on the 'Royal' technique:
Instead of the usual flower petal application, I twisted the husking loops within one of my quilled leaves, and then tried it on a non-enclosed husking to make what looks - I hope! - like an unfurling purple flower. There are tiny orange wheatears within the yellow stamens, too.

For the last couple of days I've been having fun making different types of leaves using husking/wheatear techniques, and to my surprise I've found that I can quite easily create them by holding the quilling in my fingers, without using a board and pins. This all began when I started creating closely-wound wheatears for making vortex coils, and I've been really pleased to discover just how versatile this method is. As long as you keep a good grasp on the base of the husking, there's almost no limit on the amount of looping you can do! Just secure the finished husking with a tiny dot of glue.


  1. Beautiful flower! Like a lot how the flower and the leaf came out using this technique!

  2. very nice, I need to practice on new flowers as I'm limited to just of few!!


  3. It looks very pretty. I saw this on Asma's blog. She does amazing work.



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