Thursday, 9 June 2011

Some quilling for a 21st birthday

This week I've been really busy making cards, earrings and hair slides for sale at our village festival on Saturday - finally I am ready!  Plus I have a market this evening and tomorrow morning as well! In the middle of all those preparations, I received an urgent order for a 21st birthday card. So I quickly pulled out my old faithful rainbow background and created this design:

Time goes by so fast, and I really feel as though I've been neglecting my blog. Once the weekend is over, however, I hope to get back to creating some new designs, trying out new quilling techniques ... and more regular blogging, too! So please don't go away - I'll be right back!!


  1. Lovely ! such a nice idea.

  2. I am also very busy this ride quickly through blogs, sometimes without leave comments.
    This is pretty much your work.

  3. Very festive - I kind of wish I was turning 21 again!

  4. Thanks everyone - it wasn't bad for a rush job, but I wish I'd held the camera a bit straighter!!

  5. that's a great card. I think this time of year a lot of people tend to let the blogs slide. There are so many other things to do. I've been struggling to keep up lately and some days just really don't feel like spending time on the computer



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