Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Vortex coils in lilac colours

I'm still experimenting with those vortex coils, and this time I've used a few to decorate my ever-popular lilac card. The photo background on the card is a close-up shot of some lilac flowers, showing just how many different colours are actually present in these lovely blooms. I've tried to echo these colours in my quilling, as you'll see:

The left hand vortex combines a single crimped pink strip on the inside with a 'sandwich' strip comprising light pink, dark pink and mauve sections on the outside. The central one is plain purple, made from a single half-length strip and shaped all around to fit. The right hand one is a 'classic' vortex shape - and the one I'm most pleased with -  made from 29cm strips of mauve and light pink, joined at one end. The inventor of vortex coils, Licia Politis, says that the best coiling effects are obtained with longer strips, and she's absolutely right! The more turns you can achieve on your basic wheatear (which then gets flattened first in one direction and then the other), the more detailed and spectacular the resulting vortex will be.


  1. wow...you are getting really good at the vortex coils. Love the card.

  2. Really nice, love your vortex coils!!

  3. Philippa,
    Beautiful the way they shaped the flower!

  4. those are very cool. what interesting effects you can get with them.

  5. Thanks - I'm really into these vortexes now ... imagination running riot!!

  6. The vortex coils are looking very good! Lovely card!



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